Final Fantasy X - News
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
·Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box Details Revealed 08.27.2005  
· Square Enix Offers Cell Phone Treats 02.12.2004  
·More Final Fantasy X Merchandise 11.09.2002  
·RPGs Dominate at CESA Awards 10.28.2002  
·Sony Soundtrack Stuff II: First Blood 10.08.2002  
·Final Fantasy X Sells One Million Copies in Europe 06.28.2002  
·Final Fantasy X Heading to Korea 06.03.2002  
·Square to Develop Sequels to FFX 05.28.2002  
·Import Tidbits 05.16.2002  
·Final Fantasy X PAL Release Update; New FF Merchandise 05.13.2002  
·Final Fantasy X International Europe Bound 03.16.2002  
·FFX Piano Collection Announced 02.18.2002  
·Final Fantasy X Hits Four Million Shipment Mark 01.30.2002  
·New Batch of Final Fantasy X International Details 01.10.2002  
·Final Fantasy X No. 1 in Sales First Retail Week 01.07.2002  
·Final Fantasy X International Info 12.19.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Ships to Stores 12.18.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Early Shipment Confirmed 12.10.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Shipping Before Christmas? 12.08.2001  
·Final Fantasy X International Details 12.07.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Projections 12.04.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Release Date Confirmed 11.27.2001  
·Square Readies Final Fantasy X Website 11.20.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Demo Available, Early Release Possible 11.19.2001  
·Final Fantasy X International Coming to Japan 11.10.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Soundtrack Dated 11.09.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Voice Acting and Merchandising Details 09.13.2001  
·Final Fantasy X North American Release Date Set 09.11.2001  
·Square Plays News Triple Triad 08.20.2001  
·Initial Shipment of Final Fantasy X Flies Off Shelves 07.25.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Hits Stores, Millions of Japanese Happy 07.17.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Promotional Extravaganza 07.17.2001  
·Financial Fantasy X 07.12.2001  
·Square Discusses Financial Woes 07.02.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Character Info: Now in Snack Form! 06.27.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Overdrives Revealed 06.18.2001  
·Final Fantasy Trinket Extravaganza! 06.12.2001  
·New Final Fantasy X Character Info 05.27.2001  
·Square Talks Final Fantasy 05.24.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Two-DVD Release Cancelled 05.15.2001  
·Even More Final Fantasy Updates 04.20.2001  
·Your Daily Fix of Final Fantasy X Info 04.19.2001  
·Square Confirms Final Fantasy X Release Date, Reveals New Characters 04.16.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Japanese Release Information 04.10.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Character Names Confirmed 03.31.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Playable at Tokyo Game Show 03.30.2001  
·Interview With Nobuo Uematsu 02.14.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Tidbits 01.26.2001  
·Square Mentions 2002 Plans, Various Final Fantasy News 01.26.2001  
·Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.2001  
·Interview with Final Fantasy X Development Team 01.20.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Delayed 01.19.2001  
·FFX Staff Information Revealed 01.17.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Character Named... Again 01.16.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Character Details 01.12.2001  
·Two More Final Fantasy X Characters Revealed 01.07.2001  
·Square Chooses Singer for Final Fantasy X Theme; Melody of Legends Announced 01.04.2001  
·Final Fantasy X Details Wash Ashore 12.31.2000  
·Square Shows Video Footage of Final Fantasy X 12.22.2000  
·Square Hints At Upcoming Final Fantasy X Announcement 12.21.2000  
·Elementary School Visits Final Fantasy Sound Studio 12.18.2000  
·Final Fantasy X Theme Completed 11.29.2000  
·Final Fantasy X Not Online-Capable 11.20.2000  
·Square Looks Ahead 11.17.2000  
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