Final Fantasy X Character Info: Now in Snack Form!

Square continues to integrate Final Fantasy X with various products in Japanese 7-11 stores, this time incorporating the game and its characters into a variety of snack foods, including 'Pretz', a pretzel snack with a hint of pepper, the canned gum Mint Blue, Mike Popcorn(a Fritos confection), Doritos, and Cheetos. Also included with the game-themed food will be collector's edition transparent Final Fantasy character cards, featuring a variety of characters from recent entries in the series. For a look at all these marvellous items, click here.

With characters from the game appearing on the food products, Square seems to have felt compelled to release a number of new character details as well. Information on Rikku, Cid, and Sin was divulged in a recent interview with Shuonen Jump magazine. Based on early indications, Rikku seems eerily similar to Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII. Not only is she 16 years old, agile, and joins the party towards the middle of the game, she also possesses the ability to steal from enemies. That said, she also has the ability to use special attack items, and her Overdrive ability allows her to combine items.

Both Rikku and Cid are members of the Alvedo tribe, a group which has a distinct language and uses machinery as weapons(despite machines being banned by the teachings of Ebon, a related faction). Cid is the master of the Alvedo tribe, and Rikku just happens to be his daughter. Little else has been revealed about the tribe, other than they are known to team up with a special force in order to combat Sin, the evil force in the game. In a battle apparently in the game called the "Mihen session", the army uses chocobo riders to battle Sin, and the Alvedo provide backup with machinery and large cannons. Incidentally, Seymour, chief of the Ebons, supports the mission, although his level of involvement is as yet unknown.

Final Fantasy X is due out within a month in Japan, and anticipation is rising. The game is due out in North America in early 2002. As for the snack foods- anyone who happens to be in Japan should check out their local 7-11.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Madman's Cafe]
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