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Details have emerged for Final Fantasy X International, and so far the gameplay tweaks and extra media features are reminiscent of the sort Final Fantasy VII's Japanese re-release received. In this edition, characters have the ability to escape from boss fights, and staff interviews and video trailers are also added. The game's audio is said to be based on the North American version, so Japanese gamers will most likely get a chance to hear the English voice actors if they so desire.

Final Fantasy X International is set for a January 31, 2002 release in Japan. If history repeats itself, North American gamers should not expect a domestic refurbishment of any kind, but in light of Square's recent fiscal woe, there is the possibility that the company will try to cash-in with a re-release somewhere down the line. RPGamer will continue to report as more information becomes known.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [GameFront]
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