Final Fantasy X Shipping Before Christmas?
Final Fantasy X

Contrary to Square's previous announcement that Final Fantasy X will see a December 26 North American release, retail sources are indicating a December 18 street date for the PlayStation 2 juggernaut. While an earlier, pre-Christmas release might seem a potentially more lucrative marketing strategy, Square has made no official announcement regarding this information. Regardless of which date holds true, Final Fantasy X's December release will be in limited quantities, with a full shipment hitting North American shores in January 2002.

RPGamer stresses that the aforementioned December 18 date is not officially confirmed, but as game releases have received last-minute bump-ups to earlier dates in the past, the possibility remains. Should Square or any major news source corroborate retail sources in the coming days, RPGamer will report immediately.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [Gamespot]
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