Final Fantasy X Release Date Confirmed
Final Fantasy X

In recent days, rumors have been circulating that Final Fantasy X might be released in North America earlier than its original January 2002 date. Today it has been confirmed that Square Electronic Arts will ship a limited quantity of the game for retail in stores nationwide on December 26 of this year. Final Fantasy X, Square's first next-generation RPG, was released in Japan last July to much fanfare, selling through 90 percent of the 2.14 million units it shipped in the first four days. It is the first PlayStation 2 title to reach the 2 million-unit mark.

Square will hold a one-day promotional event on December 15 at the Sony Metreon complex's PlayStation store, located at 4th and Mission streets in San Francisco. Those who attend can play a demo of Final Fantasy X before its national release. Also, prize packages will be awarded, and attendees will receive a free promotional item. A similar event was held at the Metreon for Final Fantasy IX, in the wake of its North American release last year.

Final Fantasy X will be released on DVD format and carries a suggested retail price of $50. The game is rated "T" (Teen). More about the game can be found at Square's PlayOnline address, and a special "Behind the Game" section featuring development team and voice actor interviews will debut next month.

by Michael Henninger    
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