Final Fantasy X Two-DVD Release Cancelled

The previously reported 2-DVD release of Final Fantasy X has been nixed by Square, the company confirmed yesterday. The compilation had been planned for gamers who wanted to experience enhanced video and sound; however, Square is now saying that a second DVD was not necessary for this particular enhancement, rendering a two-disc special release redundant.

For fans who just have to have a special edition, Square has added a second video disc to Final Fantasy X which will contain developer interviews, storyboards, a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within trailer, and some Square previews.

Final Fantasy X remains on track for its Japanese release of July 19th. The price tag of 8800 yen, or approximately $71.00 US will also remain in place, and the game is scheduled out in North America and Europe in 2002; however, it is uncertain whether the title will include the bonus disc.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The GIA]
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