FFX Piano Collection Announced

In a long-standing tradition for the series, Final Fantasy X will be seeing some of its tracks converted into a piano collection. The compilation will be named, rather blandly, Final Fantasy X: Piano Collection, and is currently slated for release in Japan only. It will contain 15 pieces from the game, rearranged for piano by one of Square's composers, Masashi Hamauzu. The playlist, in no particular order, is as follows:

  • With Zanarkand
  • Theme of Tidus
  • Besaid Island
  • Song of Prayer
  • Travelling Company
  • Theme of Rikku
  • Guadosaram
  • Thunder Plain
  • Attack
  • Purgatorial Road
  • It is Wonderful
  • Determination of Yuna
  • Trap in Extreme North
  • The Final Battle
  • Ending Theme

FFX: Piano Collection is scheduled for release in Japan on Wednesday February 20, for the price of 2854 yen, or roughly $21.00 US. Interested importers should keep an eye out for the collection on their favorite music sites.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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