More Final Fantasy X Merchandise

Digicube recently announced the release of the previously reported Final Fantasy X Vocal Album, which features music and drama related to the game. The voice actors from Final Fantasy X were reunited to perform a mini-drama of a scene not found in the game. Content of this episode was created by scenario writer Kazushige Nojima. While the details of this episode are shrouded in mystery, it is possible that this scene has ties to Final Fantasy X-2. As for the musical aspects of the CD, it is said to include a remix of "Feel," a song from the Tidus and Yuna tribute album.

The Final Fantasy Vocal Album will arrive in Japanese stores on December 16 with a price of 2667 yen (approximately $21.90 in U.S. currency). There is no word yet as to whether the album will arrive on U.S. soil.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Dengeki Online]

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