Final Fantasy X Japanese Release Information
Final Fantasy X

Square has announced that Final Fantasy X, the upcoming premier PlayStation2 installment in their flagship series, will see a release in Japan this July. This release date, which comes somewhat earlier than expected, will come along with a large-scale promotional campaign, and in a similar manner to the last few titles in the series, Coca-Cola will be co-sponsoring the promotion. Among the planned promotional products are bottles of Coke which will come with one of four different Final Fantasy X figurines, including both realistic and cartoonish versions of Tidus and Yuna.

No word was mentioned on the North American version of the game, although a November release is currently expected. Past Coca-Cola/Final Fantasy campaigns have been exclusive to Japan, and there has not yet been any indication that the trend will change this time. Regardless, Final Fantasy X's promotional campaign is likely to come on stronger than ever before, as Square works to make up for the huge amounts of money spent during the recent production of the Final Fantasy Movie.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Daily Radar]
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