Final Fantasy X International Coming to Japan
Final Fantasy X

Following the mega success of Final Fantasy X's original Japanese release last July, Square will try to keep its shareholders smiling with a re-release of the game, titled Final Fantasy X International. Gamers may remember that Final Fantasy VII received similar marketing treatment back in 1997 with a Japanese re-release featuring several improvements and extras that were added to the North American version, such as new FMVs and an improved Materia management system. The re-release also featured an extra CD with character info, maps, vehicle models, FMV clips and general trivia.

While it has not been revealed what extras Final Fantasy X International will comprise, there is the possibility that Square will include bonus features similar to those of Final Fantasy VII's re-release, as well as the developer interviews, storyboards, and previews featured on the second video disk of Final Fantasy X's original Japanese release. What, if any, new or extra features that may be implemented can only be speculated at this time.

Final Fantasy X International is set for a January 31, 2002 release in Japan, following on the heels of a tentative January 1, 2002 North American release of the original game. RPGamer will continue to update you on the progress of both titles in the upcoming months.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [GameFront]
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