Even More Final Fantasy Updates

The day is only two hours gone, and already it receives a second onslaught of Final Fantasy news. Coming as a close followup to recent information regarding Final Fantasy XI's exclusive development for the PlayStation2 and PC platforms, it has now been revealed that the game will also only be playable via Square's PlayOnline Viewer Navigator, or PVN. The browser, which was originally reported back in January, will work similarly to standard web browsers, except that it will utilize Square's custom language. Called PML, or "PlayOnline Markup Language," the language will work in the same way as HTML does on the world wide web. This news is the first mentioning that the forthcoming online installment of Square's Final Fantasy series will require the use of the navigator, which will come equipped with email and chat features, as well as a game called "TetraMaster," which looks to be an upgraded version of the card game found in Final Fantasy IX.

Also current on the Final Fantasy news front is an official explanation for the delay announcement made last winter for Final Fantasy X. This decision moved the game from its originally scheduled Japan release date in March to the current one of July 19th. Square President Hisashi Suzuki recently mentioned a few of the main reasons for the delay, which included two extra summoned monsters which had to be created and coded into the game, the addition of further character limit breaks, and the overall adjustment of the game's atmosphere due to the addition of vocal actors. He also stated that the game's production is nearing completion, and that the master copy should be finished by late May.

Winding up this batch of Final Fantasy news is further information on Nobuo Uematsu's latest work, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X. Uematsu announced earlier that the game's theme song, titled "Suteki da ne" and sung by Okinawa vocalist Rikki, will soon be released as a music CD single. Now, he's revealed that two other songs will accompany the main track on the single. One of the songs is called "Utikisama," which roughly translates to "The Moon" in English. "Utikisama" is a newly written song by Rikki, with piano accompaniment. The third song has yet to be determined, as Uematsu has opened it's potential to all previous Final Fantasy music. The decision will be made by the fans via an online ballot, located at Square's PlayOnline website. The winning track will also be vocalized by Rikki, and included on the Maxi single as well. Pricing and release information for the CD are not yet known.

That concludes this batch of Final Fantasy news. Keep watching RPGamer for further breaking developments on every aspect of these upcoming titles.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Mainichi Interactive]
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