Xenosaga - News
·Namco Announces Profits, Release Dates 05.26.2004  
·Xenosaga Reloads 05.27.2003  
·Bugs Found in Xenosaga, Star Ocean 3 03.04.2003  
·Xenosaga Ships 02.25.2003  
·Another RPG Added to Greatest Hits List 02.04.2003  
·Namco Begins Xenosaga Countdown 01.14.2003  
·North American Xenosaga Site Launches 12.21.2002  
·Xenosaga Censored for North American Release 12.18.2002  
·Psst... Xenosaga Is Coming Out Soon 12.17.2002  
·Xenosaga Merchandise Spinoff Funfest Continues 08.26.2002  
· Namco Bitten By the Spin-Off Bug 08.07.2002  
·Xenosaga Minigame Info; Mascot Revealed 02.20.2002  
·New Details on Xenosaga's Gnosis 02.08.2002  
·New Xenosaga Character Revealed 02.03.2002  
·Another Xenosaga Extra, But Game Stays Compact 01.26.2002  
·Xenosaga Mini-game Details 01.23.2002  
·Xenosaga Episodes Released Annually 01.11.2002  
·Xenosaga Japanese Release Date and Pricing Details 12.10.2001  
·Xenosaga Localization Confirmed 11.09.2001  
·Xenosaga Music Trailer Translation 10.30.2001  
·Xenosaga Showcased at TGS 10.13.2001  
·Xenosaga Delayed 09.17.2001  
·Xenosaga Promotional Material We'll Never See 09.08.2001  
·New Xenosaga Characters Revealed 07.25.2001  
·Namco Holds Xenosaga Press Conference 07.09.2001  
·A Xenosaga Information Fix 06.27.2001  
·Xenosaga Tidbits 06.14.2001  
·Further Xenosaga Information Surfaces 06.01.2001  
·Xenosaga Information Emerges 05.31.2001  
·Namco Announces Xenosaga 03.29.2001  
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