New Details on Xenosaga's Gnosis

In anticipation of Xenosaga's release at the end of this month, Namco has distributed information about the enemies of the game's universe, the Gnosis. In their most basic form, the Gnosis look like white clouds of smoke, thus they are called White Horrors. They account for the destruction of 10 percent of the human race.

The Gnosis have the ability to permanently possess machines, animals and people. Using an attack known as the Hill Beat Effect, the Gnosis enter people as a parasite, and once they have taken complete control over a person, they are transformed into a killing machine. It is extremely difficult to distinguish a Gnosis, because they can appear as an innocent-looking bird or a fearsome dragon.

The game is the first Episode in Monolith Soft's Xenosaga series, which will eventually be released in its entirety of six episodes over the next several years. The game will be released in Japan on February 28th, with a North American release to likely follow by the end of the year.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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