Namco Begins Xenosaga Countdown

Namco has begun several promotional endeavors in order to generate buzz as next month's release of Xenosaga draws steadily closer. The most unique of these is the Xenosaga Information Device, or XID for short. The XID is a desktop companion that provides users with a countdown to the Xenosaga's release, as well as up to date news and promotional offers about the game. Additionally, the XID can download artwork and screenshots from the game and even play clips from the Xenosaga soundtrack. Namco has said it will continue to update the XID with new content and contests on a regular basis. Interested parties can download the XID at, though it is only availavle for PC users.

On the more traditional side of pre-release gaming promotions, Namco is also offering several goodies to those who pre-order the game. A pre-order Xenosaga through Gamestop or Electronics Boutique will allow you to receive an exclusive Xenosaga T-Shirt, as well as a limited collector's edition lithograph featuring the game's characters. Those folks who cannot bear to pass this offer up would be advised to pre-order before supplies run out. Xenosaga is set for release on February 25.

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by Justin Harwood    

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