Xenosaga Censored for North American Release

Xenosaga's North American localization team has recently come under scrutiny regarding its translation of the game. Given the violent nature of the game, it was speculated that the title would be toned down. In order to reassure fans, Namco confirmed that all the blood, gore, religious references, and strong language would remain fully intact and unchanged.

However, similar to Square EA's decision in censoring some of the more sexually-oriented scenes in Xenogears, Namco will be altering a slightly sexually-themed scene for Xenosaga's North American release. The scene involves a somewhat questionable encounter between an adult character named Albedo and a child robot female character named MOMO. It is unknown whether it will be removed entirely or simply altered.

As was recently reported, Xenosaga is on track for release in North America in February 2003. Expect RPGamer to keep you up to date in the months leading to the game's release.

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by Joseph Witham    
Source: [IGN]
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