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Last month's Autumn Tokyo Game Show saw the release of a special Digicube Xenosaga music trailer. Thanks to the tireless efforts of contributor Akira Akutagawa, we can now bring you a translation of that trailer. During the course of the trailer, which is expanded upon below, four new characters are revealed: Merry, a yellow-haired woman with plaited hair; Matthew, a red hat-wearing guy; Tony, a spiky-haired character in grey vest; and Allen, a brunette.

While the following is not a verbatim translation, the meaning of several sections is expounded. The song contained within the trailer currently goes by the name, "Ending Theme," but that might change if and when composer Yasunori Mitsuda decides upon a proper title. The song is one of two vocalized songs that will be present in the soundtrack, both sung by Joanne Hogg.

"This is Kos... Mos!"
It is not known who is talking at this point of time. This happens right after the scene where Kosmos emits "blue crystal" energy, and the monitor screen displays "Main System Approached - Kos-Mos unit".

"I've had enough."
This is said after the person with the red cap, Matthew, (considered to be the captain of the warship) extinguishes his cigarette and clasps his hands together.

"Don't worry, I won't obstruct you. We both share the same goal, right?"
Conversation between the silver-haired man and the Momo-look-a-like. "Don't worry" is seldom confident.

"It's coming! It... it's entering into me!"
This is the scene where the gray-haired man - presumably the copilot of the Woglinde - goes berserk. And no, he's definitely not practicing martial arts.

"Just for the sake of my 'certain purpose'... many fellow-men have been ripped apart into pieces on the battlefield."
The words of the purple helmet-wearing man with a burned scar on his right cheek. I wonder who he means by 'fellow-men'?

"I totally disagree... this was what I contributed!"
The great Vanderkaum speaks.

Shion speaking. It's pretty self-explanatory.

"No - by no means."
Junior speaking in his mecha. The meaning is not understood.

"Mama... I want to return to the research institute."
The words of Momo. This scene presumably happens after Ziggy rescues her from U-TIC. "Mama" might be referring to Juli Mizrahi, the wife of Joachim, Momo's creator.

"Chaos - should we... should we see the lieutenant colonel?"
"Shion... sometimes knowing the truth does not necessarily bring happiness."
Conversation between Chaos and Shion. Yes, it's the intimacy scene.

"That is a word of disgrace."
- Mystery man speaking behind a monitor. He could be the purple-haired man who fought the Shitan look-a-like in the previous trailer.

"Good morning. Has he told you about it?"
"Yes. Good night."
Shion speaking with a blue-haired supporting character. Night or morning... you be the judge.

"That's right. Can I call you 'Ziggy' from now on? I'll stop calling you Ziggurat, Zig-gy- Uh, Ziggy - is there anything...?"
Momo speaking to Ziggy. Chaos and a somewhat troubled Shion can also be seen in the same scene.

"We have spotted the remains of a whale beneath a rock."
Conversation between two AGWSes. The "rock" in the sentence could also be interpreted as "reef" or "meteorite".

"Today's a great poetic (?) day, Junior-sama. What do you think of (the book)? Or so to say."
"I've read the book, Merry. I had much pleasure doing so."

Merry, the new character who wears her hair in plaits, talking to Junior on a large display screen. They both seem to share a passion for books.

"Taste good? Aren't I a good cook?"
"With such a beauty preparing lunch... of course the food's great."

This is the scene where Shion, Chaos, Matthew (the red hat guy) and Allen (brown-haired character) are having lunch at a canteen. Honestly speaking, I don't think the food looks too appetizing...

"Nothing's going on... it seems that even the atoms are asleep."
The words of the purple-haired woman. I think the sentence basically means "the situation is very quiet over here."

Xenosaga is currently pegged to hit Japan in February 2002, though no release details for North America have been made public as of yet. For previous coverage, head on over to our Xenosaga page, and check back soon as more details are released for this anticipated title.

RPGamer would like to thank Akira Akutagawa for contributing to this story.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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