Further Xenosaga Information Surfaces

Yesterday, RPGamer reported on the first information released about Xenogears. Now, thanks to an article at PC Gamewatch, more information has become available, including some important storyline elements. Xenosaga, the prequel to Square's Xenogears, is set in the distant future where the human race has abandoned earth and roams through space. Though the reasons for this abandonment are unclear, there are hints of some sort of conflict; the main character in Episode 1(as Xenosaga is being subtitled), Shion Uzuki, lost her parents to war, and is an engineer in the KOS-MOS development plan, the aim of which is to build a new and advanced android.

Uzuki is no stranger to tragedy; along with the loss of her parents, her first love was also killed in an accident. Another character in the game has also been revealed as Chaos; apparently, he will play a part in the entire series. Chaos is something of an enigma, however; nothing is known about him, as he has no memory of his past. Additionally, it appears the KOS-MOS android may be a playable character.

What challenge the characters will face is not entirely clear, but the robots they will pilot will be known as A.G.W.S, or Anti-Gnosis Weapon Systems. These piloted mechas are designed to combat the Gnosis race, aliens who are hostile to the human race. The Gnosis pose a significant threat, however, due to their mobility; as such, the A.G.W.S. had to be manufactured small and fast in order to deal with this.

The game will appear in full 3-D, and in order to make things less bulky(Xenosaga is already set to eat up two full DVDs of space), there will be both high quality character models for use in event scenes, and lower quality ones for use in battle. Characters have moving hair and facial animations, and event sequences in the game are voiced, as well as sequential; if watched in succession, they would be much like a television program.

More information on Xenosaga will likely appear in the coming days. For now, check the previous story and the first screenshots released by Namco. Xenosaga is slated for a Japanese release by the end of the year.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [PC GameWatch(Japan)]
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