Xenosaga Minigame Info; Mascot Revealed

As Japanese fans and importers boil with anticipation over Monolith Soft's fast-approaching PlayStation 2 RPG, Xenosaga, it is now known that the game features three minigames in addition to AGWS Battle. The first, XenoCard, seems to take a page out of Final Fantasy VIII's minigame-book in that it allows players to collect cards and face-off with other characters throughout the game's world. Cards are acquired by defeating enemies and are also available at weapon shops.

Chronic gamblers can press their luck in the Network Casino minigame, which offers slots, poker and other gambling games. Winning earns players coins that can be exchanged for "Set Material" used for developing characters. The third minigame is the Drill Game, which entails breaking boxes, some of which contain bonus items.

Xenosaga exhibits the RPG genre's propensity for including eminently loveable "mascot" characters. This one is called U.M.N. (Usnusu Motos Network), a communication information service robot that resembles (what else) a cute little bunny.

Xenosaga is just a week removed from its February 28 release in Japan. A North American publication is confirmed, though the specifics are yet unknown.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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