Problems with Xenosaga, Star Ocean 3

Recently, some players of Namco's Xenosaga discovered a bug that causes the game to inexplicably lock up whenever cinematic sequences begin in the game. This has proven to be frustrating, according to the numerous people who aired their complaints on Namco's message boards.

The problem is in the PlayStation 2 itself -- specifically units with older hardware. This was the case with Enix's recently released Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time, which featured its own lock-up bug appearing during battles. Enix has remedied that problem by distributing a new bug-free version of Star Ocean 3 and offering free replacement disks for the unlucky recipients of the previous version.

In the instance of Xenosaga, the game is printed on a dual layer DVD, which is newer technology than some of the versions of the PlayStation 2. When the older hardware fails to switch layers correctly, the game freezes.

Sony has not offered any solutions to this problem to date. RPGamer will bring you any information regarding this problem as it becomes available.
Updated: 03.05.2003

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Quiter / Gamerfeed]

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