Xenosaga Showcased at TGS

Namco spent the first day of the Tokyo Game Show Fall 2001 showing off Xenosaga: The Will to Power at its booth, and the game, by all accounts, is looking like it will live up to the promise evident in the screenshots that have already been released. Large crowds gathered in front of the booth to be among the first to experience the game's playable demo. Players were treated to a selection which features a short battle sequence, complete with a subsequent victory screen.

After playing the demo, there was a 'reception' area nearby where the limited edition of the game, which will be sold concurrently with the game's wide release, was on display. This version of Xenosaga will include not only the game, but also a key chain, an art book, a small figurine, a Xenosaga binder, and a 'Pikucha label'. No pricing details were announced on this deluxe edition, but expect it to be somewhat pricier than the regular version, if other recent special editions are any indication.

Xenosaga is currently on track for release in February 2002, as announced by Namco last month. There is currently no word on when the game will make it to North America, although a localization has been confirmed.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [Gamespot Japan]
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