Another Xenosaga Extra, But Game Stays Compact

More extras will ship with Xenosaga, providing gamers know where to shop. Unfortunately, the bonus material will likely be limited to Japan, but those who preorder through Digicube will get their hands on an exclusive CD featuring three tracks that include a piano reworking of the game's vocal theme "Pain", as well as two other songs with commentary by the composer, Yasunori Mitsuda.

Namco has also revealed that Xenosaga will be a single, dual-layer DVD-ROM, the first such use of the medium on the PlayStation 2. Having originally planned to ship the game on two single-layer DVDs, the developer opted to go for the dual layered option in the interests of avoiding disc changing issues. The disc, which holds 9 GB of data, thus eliminates a fair amount of trouble for players and developers alike, without eliminating any of the actual game content, which Namco has assured will remain intact as before.

Despite all these changes, Xenosaga remains on schedule for its release, which is currently slated for February 28th. While the game will definitely be coming to North America, there has been no word on exactly when this will occur.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [IGN]
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