Star Wars Galaxies - News  
· Gamers Granted a Chance at Station Access 02.14.2006  
· Microsoft Announces PC E3 Lineup 05.11.2005  
·Tornado Puts MMORPGs On Hold 09.20.2004  
·Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed Pre-order Bonus Announced 09.10.2004  
·Star Wars Galaxies Coming to Japan 08.25.2004  
·Star Wars Galaxies Marks First Anniversary 06.28.2004  
·More Companies Announce E3 Titles 05.05.2004  
· Star Wars Galaxies First Expansion Announced 04.22.2004  
· New Star Wars Galaxies Website Launched 01.23.2004  
· Star Wars Galaxies Launches, Sets New Record 07.08.2003  
·E3 Star Wars Galaxies Impressions 05.16.2003  
·Sony Online announces Dantooine for Star Wars Galaxies 04.15.2003  
·Star Wars Galaxies Release to be Delayed 03.15.2003  
·Star Wars Galaxies Feature List Takes Heavy Losses 02.08.2003  
·Sony Launches Massively Multiplayer Assault 05.15.2002  
·Star Wars Galaxies Beta Test Sign-Up Begins 05.03.2002  
·Sony Licenses dPVS Online Technology 07.13.2001  
·Star Wars Galaxies Expansion Announced 05.24.2001  
·Star Wars Galaxies Update 03.26.2001  
·Fifth Star Wars Galaxies Race Unveiled 03.08.2001  
·More Star Wars Galaxies Information Revealed, Fourth Race Unveiled 02.28.2001  
·Third Star Wars Galaxies Race Revealed 01.25.2001  
·Star Wars Galaxies Q&A 01.25.2001  
·Star Wars Galaxies Gets Website 11.29.2000  
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