Star Wars Galaxies Feature List Takes Heavy Losses

In a move certain to anger some hopeful fans, the staff of Star Wars Galaxies have announced that a number of features will be delayed until after launch in an attempt to meet their projected date of release. Included in the features to be delayed will be the ability for groups of players to found and operate cities, the existence of player controlled ground vehicles, the capacity for player sponsored missions, and the choice of Dark Jedi as a profession. Many of these decisions will cause stark changes to initial gameplay; however, the designers have mentioned that other aspects of the game, such as NPC cities and bounty missions, will be increased in number to compensate for the loss.

In its comments to the SWG community, the staff emphasised that cuts were made with the intention of maintaining overall game quality at launch. "Rather than attempt to do everything at once and have it all turn out mediocre", stated Hayden Blackman, "we wanted to focus on fewer features and do them all really well." Blackman went on to mention that those features which were delayed were selected mainly upon the coding load they represented and their ease of insertion after launch, which is now expected to be sometime this April.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Star Wars Galaxies-Official Site]

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