Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - News
· A Cold Chill Blows Through California 08.03.2005  
·Diablo II Cheating a No No 06.13.2003  
·Blizzard Institutes Strict Rules for Diablo II Hackers 06.24.2002  
·Diablo II Patch in the Works 04.25.2002  
·Diablo II Mac OSX Patch Released 03.27.2002  
·Diablo: Now Available in Comic Book Form 11.14.2001  
·Blizzard Reveals Diablo Battle Chest 09.25.2001  
·Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Tops the Charts Again 08.16.2001  
·Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Tops PC Market 07.26.2001  
·Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Ships 06.28.2001  
·Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Goes Gold 06.24.2001  
·Diablo II Expansion Receives Name 01.27.2001  
·Diablo II Expansion Unveiled at ECTS 2000 09.30.2000  
·Hard Evidence of Diablo II Expansion Uncovered 07.28.2000  

Diablo II - News
·Diablo II Patch V. 1.09 Goes Live 08.21.2001  
·Interview With Matt Uelmen 02.19.2001  
·Diablo II Characters to be Restored, Demo Released 01.03.2001  
·Diablo II Ladder Update 12.29.2000  
·Diablo II Ladder to be Reset 12.28.2000  
·Blizzard Releases Diablo II Update Patch 07.11.2000  
·Diablo II for the Mac Goes Gold 07.06.2000  
·Diablo II Goes Gold 06.07.2000  
·Diablo II to Enter Final Stage of Beta Testing 05.01.2000  
·Guilds To Miss Out on Diablo 2's Initial Release 03.29.2000  
·Diablo II Beta News 03.11.2000  
·Diablo 2 Date Speculation 07.08.1999  
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