Diablo II for the Mac Goes Gold

The PC release of Diablo II has come and gone, and many Mac gamers are most probably expecting a long wait for the release of Blizzard's newest and possibly most popular title. Well, friends, we certainly have a treat in store for you! It seems that Blizzard will release the Macintosh version of the game within the month. Many Mac owners may be surprised, yet pleased at this unusual occurrence.

While Blizzard has many times been criticized on how much later their Macintosh ports come out than their PC counterparts, they aim to please with the release of Diablo II. "Not only is Diablo II our most ambitious undertaking to date, it is also the first time in our company's history that we are able to launch the Mac version almost simultaneously with the PC version," quoted Mike Morhaime, President and Cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. This achievement can likely be attributed to Blizzard's recent unannounced acquisition of Future Point, their long-time partner for Macintosh conversions. For those curious about Diablo II's system requirements, they are listed as the following:

  • Macintosh G3 or better
  • Mac OS 8.1 or higher
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM, with the addition of virtual memory
  • 650 Megabytes of hard drive space for off-line play, 950 megs for online.
  • 4x or greater CD ROM
  • 800x600x256 resolution
  • 28.8 or greater modem

Diablo II continues the story of the original, with the demon "Diablo" possessing the hero who had previously defeated him. Through these supernatural means, he aims to continue his plan to join with the other deities "Mephisto" and "Baal" to enslave humanity. Look for Diablo II's Macintosh incarnation in stores shortly, or you may order it directly from Blizzard.


By Jeff Hagadorn    
Sources: [FGN Online, Mac Central]
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