Diablo II Cheating a No No

Blizzard Entertainment, creator of the Diablo series, has recently employed drastic measures to cut down on rampant Diablo II cheating. 112,000 accounts have already been blocked due to the new measures. Blizzard is recording CD keys in efforts to completely block repeat offenders from ever playing online again. Anyone caught cheating on a regular basis risks the loss of their ability to play over the internet for good.

The use of third-party programs to enhance gameplay has also found itself on the chopping block. Anyone using a third-party program to gain advantage over the other online players will violate the End User License Agreement of Diablo II and subject the offender to removal from online play via the same CD key blocking.

Blizzard says it wants to make sure that all online cheating in its games is kept under control and that they will do anything in their power to keep it that way. Cheating has always plagued online gaming, to the annoyance of the majority of players. Perhaps this move by Blizzard will prompt other game companies to follow suit and crack down on online cheating.

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by Orie House    

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