Diablo II to Enter Final Stage of Beta Testing

Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo has been a favorite among PC gamers since its release in 1997. The game featured randomly generated dungeons; a multitude of items, spells, and weapons; three character classes; and online multiplayer capabilities. Now, after three years, the highly anticipated Diablo II is nearly complete. The final phase of beta testing is all that stands between fans and the finished product. This last beta test - the Diablo II Stress Test - is designed to guarantee the stability of Blizzard's game servers.

Fans of the series don't necessarily have to wait that long to get their Diablo fix, however. The upcoming Stress Test will be made open to gamers from all over the world. Starting today, gamers can register at ZDNet's GameSpot for their chance to be part of the Diablo II beta test. Registration ends on Sunday, May 7, at 9:00 p.m. PDT.

After the registration procedure ends, Blizzard will randomly select up to 100,000 testers out of all eligible applicants. Those who are selected as testers will be notified by Blizzard via email within a few days of the registration process. The beta version of the game will feature the Barbarian character class and select segments of the first act of Diablo II. Beta testers will receive a access code and the address to the 100MB beta shortly before the test begins.

Diablo II will be available on both Windows and Macintosh formats. The Windows version of the game is officially expected for a 2nd quarter 2000 North American release, and the Macintosh version will be available in North America during the 3rd quarter of 2000. Stay tuned to RPGamer for all the news on Blizzard's upcoming Diablo II as the information breaks.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
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