Diablo: Now Available in Comic Book Form

Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics have joined together to bring fans of the Diablo universe a comic book set in the game's world of Sanctuary. The story follows the barbarian Renit as he and the necromancer Cairo embark on a quest to overthrow a horde of demons. To complete the mission, however, the two must first uncover the mysterious relic known as the "Hand of Naz." Involved in the tale will also be an embattled paladin named Hale, and a druid, Azgad, who must fight to save his home.

Illustrated by acclaimed comic artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary promises to offer a new dimension of the game world to fans of the Diablo series. For more information on the comic, visit Dark Horse's official website. For more information on either Diablo title, check RPGamer's coverage of Diablo and Diablo II.

by Andrew Long    
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