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RPGamer Best of 2016 Editors' Choice Awards!

After a long year full of unique RPGs, the RPGamer staff members have taken the past month to deliberate and are now ready to share our top RPGs of 2016. We've been doing this since 2000, and this year was one of the most clear-cut for winners. The Game of the Year was a hands down favorite with the runner-ups and celebrated games in our individual categories also being highly praised. There was little need for debate this time around. What seemed like it might be a crazy time turned out quite nicely. Enough on that, let's get to the awards. RPGamer once again proudly presents to you the most complete RPG awards.

Editors' Choices

» Best PlayStation RPG
» Best 3DS RPG
» Best Wii U RPG
» Best PC RPG
» Best Re-Release
» Best Battle System
» Best Story
» Most Original
» Best Music
» Best Dialogue
» Best Graphics
» Most Overlooked
» Biggest Surprise
» Biggest Letdown
» Worst RPG
» Best Non-RPG
» Most Completed
» Most Played
» RPG of the Year

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