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Most Overlooked - Tyranny

Most Overlooked

Second Place

Third Place

Nestled in a release date surrounded by the holidays mega hits, Obsidian's take on the bad guy protagonist never felt like it got its just time in the sun. Already forgotten as the sequel to Pillars of Eternity goes to crowdfunding, Tyranny definitely felt like the remnants of a larger project stitched together into a working title. While its exterior felt rather by the numbers, the ideas behind it are the solid fare expected of the company, and for some the game may even exceed the more popular recent efforts from its developer.

Forcing the player to navigate the mad leaders and hostile world of Tiers from a position of power gives the game the opportunity to look at those who wield it in a different light. Tyranny also boasts an incredibly fun spell crafting system that is simple to use and will make players wish they had rolled a mage if they hadn't already. It remains to be seen if Tyranny is a world Obsidian will return to with greater time and budget, but no RPGamer will feel their time has been wasted with this solid effort from a solid developer.

When I reviewed Stories: Path of Destiny for RPGamer, I have to admit I was worried about what I was getting myself into. The game didn't look the most polished, but it screamed ambitious at the same time. I was right about both those things and yet I didn't care. I adored my time with Stories and I loved how much it encouraged players to replay the game, pick different choices, and see what the different outcomes would be. Coupled with cheeky writing, beautiful visuals and a lot of heart, Stories: Path of Destiny is an overlooked gem that never overstayed its welcome.

Despite my vocal praise for the game on Twitter, there has been little love shown for Mercenaries Saga 3 outside of my small circle of friends. When I first played this game's predecessor late in the year, I fell in love with this nostalgic blast from the past. Bringing back memories of Shining Force and Vandal Hearts, Mercenaries Saga 3 was just a blast to play and more people need to check this tactical RPG out.

by Zack Webster, Sam Wachter, Michael A. Cunningham

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