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Best Non-RPG

Best Non-RPG

I was one of the few people on staff who hadn't yet been enamored by a Blizzard game. World of Warcraft and Diablo never sunk their claws into me, and I was unimpressed by them most of the time. Enter Overwatch, a game that immediately took hold of my attention and on which I've somehow managed to burn almost a hundred hours. I've never been big on multiplayer games and the last one I put any real time into was Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.

Overwatch is a game that engages players and avoids missteps that can deter them. There's something so satisfying about logging on with a group of friends and getting into the groove of combat. It's also a great game when it comes to adapting to new situations, working with others to figure out how to overtake the point, or pushing the Payload forward. With the amount of variety, it provides a great sense of achievement when it comes to learning a new character or improving with a character that perhaps you were struggling with at the beginning. While I don't believe in the concept of focusing on only a small handful of characters, I have loved my time with Overwatch because it is a game that has really encouraged me to try other characters and get out of my comfort zone. I always look forward to logging on each week with my friends and pounding out a few matches, and with the amount of content Blizzard keeps adding, I don't think my Overwatch addiction will be going anywhere soon.

Most Played / Most Completed

Most Played / Most Completed
Pokémon Sun & Moon /
Final Fantasy XV

There are only three constants in this wicked life: the sun will rise, the moon will fall, and RPGamer staff will flock to a main-series Pokémon game. Even if it wasn't the happiest, most vibrant Pokémon title in years, Pokémon Sun & Moon would have had a strong lead in the polls purely from its pedigree. However, even those of us who are wary of the series gave this pair a shot because of the upgraded user interface, meme-ready setting, and colorful cast of Alolan natives.

Much like Pokémon, it's nearly impossible for a new entry in the Final Fantasy series to hit without the majority of the RPGamer staff wanting to check it out. Whether staff members had been waiting on this since it was Versus or were only interested upon its re-branding, Final Fantasy XV was tied with Pokemon as the most played and most completed RPG of the year. Both titles have long histories and both ended up paying off for those who took the time to check them out.

by Sam Wachter, Zach Welhouse, Michael A. Cunningham

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