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Best Wii U RPG - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Best Wii U

Not much can be said in regard to the Wii U's absolutely anemic release schedule in 2016, but Nintendo and Atlus did manage to get one RPG out during the process. It being an entertaining enough RPG certainly helped ease that situation. Whether or not people took to its J-Pop stylings — which they certainly seemed to — Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE still manages to be a unique SMT spinoff in its own right.

Triggering party-length Sessions was incredibly entertaining, upgrading weapons to learn skills was an inventive way of progression, and the game's dungeons, however few there were, were fun to explore. The Fire Emblem side of things may have been a bit lacking, but the fact that the Wii U has an RPG without a Xeno- in the title worth mentioning is a feat in and of itself.

by Zack Webster

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