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Best Dialogue - The Banner Saga 2

Best Dialogue

Second Place

Third Place

The Banner Saga is one of the best indie darlings out there. Capturing the hearts and tears of players, Stoic has created a memorable world of hardship and terror. The dialogue and the many trees of it stand out from the rest because the writing does an amazing job to reflect the tough world of the series.

In The Banner Saga 2, your choices from the first game matter, but the decisions that must be made in the sequel? Far more devastating than you could possibly image. The characters are sympathetic, and their cause is one of desperation. The writing echoes these themes throughout, making players feel the intense struggle. Good writing should evoke feelings, should evoke passion in those reading and participating, and The Banner Saga 2 delivers in every way possible. With a somber script chock full of emotional turmoil, this is why writing in titles like The Banner Saga stands high above the rest.

When Yo-kai Watch arrived in Japan, it was pretty easy for most of us in the West to look at it as just another Pokémon clone. It proved to be anything but, and became a downright phenomenon. More than the original game, Yo-kai Watch 2 displays why the series is such a big hit. The game fully embraces the series goofy nature, bringing in more elements of the anime to give more personality to its characters. Despite the somewhat more serious nature of the main plot, there's always goofy Yo-kai causing trouble, and Whisper, the protagonist's Yo-kai butler, failing to do anything properly. You could say the game has a great deal of moxie.

The localization team has done a great job with the dialogue in the game. Yo-kai Watch 2 is filled with NPCs to talk to around town and of course there's the Yo-kai themselves, who exude a wealth of (goofy) personality. Thanks to the dialogue, the world of Yo-kai Watch feels like a living, breathing place.

A story is only as good as its dialogue, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II has a lot of it. Seriously, the amount of dialogue in this game is staggering, and thanks to the tireless efforts of XSEED Games, it helps bring the world and its many wonderful characters to life. It goes beyond the interactions of the main characters: even the NPCs of the world are a fascinating bunch, and how they all interact is an integral part of the game's charm.

by Sam Wachter, Mike Apps, Adriaan den Ouden

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