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Best Re-Release - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Best Re-Release

The Valkyria Chronicles series has had an up-and-down history in the West. Initially slow to get recognised, it eventually managed to become a cult classic as its unique visual style and interesting take on tactical combat won over many RPGamers. By that time, however, the developers had chosen to take the series to the more Japan-centric PlayStation Portable, and so the two follow-ups were met with first a lukewarm reception in the West and then no official English release at all. However, the series has enjoyed a revival and with it came the chance for a new batch of RPGamers to check out the original beloved title on the PlayStation 4.

The mantra of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" all but ensured that the PlayStation 4 version of Valkyria Chronicles, a remaster of an already stellar game, would be a shoo-in for this category. Boasting the same satisfying strategy gameplay and gorgeous visuals of its predecessor, only now in 1080p and 60fps, this game is a great opportunity for those who missed out on it before. Assuming the role of Welkin Gunther as he leads the colorful and charismatic members of Gallia's Squad 7 to one victory after another is as much fun now as it ever was.

The interesting mix of alternate-history WWII-era European war machines, architecture, and uniforms and the Empire's mythological Valkyria ties give the game a distinctive setting and flavor that created a great world to experience. Including all of the previously-released DLC just sweetens the deal, like the proverbial cherry on what was already a delicious treat of a game.

by Pascal Tekaia

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