Pokémon Sun/Moon  
Pokémon Sun/Moon

Alola! Pokémon enters its seventh generation to the tune of ukuleles.

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  Release Date  
11.18.2016 Japan
11.18.2016 US
11.23.2016 Europe
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·The Pokémon Bank Receives an Update 01.26.2017  
·Another Video Ahead of Pokémon Sun & Moon's Release 11.15.2016  
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·Starter Evolutions, Special Demo, and More Announced for Sun and Moon 10.04.2016  
·Pokémon Sun & Moon Showcase More Differences, Features 09.23.2016  
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·Pokémon Sun & Moon Introduce the Aether Foundation 09.09.2016  
·Nintendo Direct Round-Up 09.01.2016  
·The Pokémon Company Introduces Five New Species 08.23.2016  
·Pokémon Sun & Moon Introduce Team Skull 08.12.2016  
·New Critters and Features for Pokémon Sun and Moon 08.01.2016  
·Six More Alola Pokémon Revealed 07.20.2016  
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·Nintendo Plays in its Treehouse - E3 06.16.2016  
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·Pokémon Trailer Unveils New Legendaries 06.02.2016  
·Pokémon Sun and Moon Start to Shine 05.10.2016  
·Nintendo Announces New Pokémon Generation 02.26.2016  

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