2001 RPGamer Awards

Welcome to RPGamer's second Best and Worst of the Year Awards. This year, RPGamer extended the awards to the readers, but then decided the staff awards should continue as well. What you'll find is a combined list of what both thought was the winner for each award.

Expectations for 2001 were high. Following up possibly the best year for RPGs ever, RPGamers wanted more. The industry responded by shipping out over 40 RPGs to choose from over the year, with the largest surge just in time for the holidays. Honestly, 2001's final surge of RPGs has left RPGamers reeling with countless solid titles to play through, but only so much time to do so. Choosing the best was never easy, and even more difficult in 2001.

RPGamer would like to personally thank every company who released an RPG this past year. Whether or not the game won an award, every game has the chance for creating hours of enjoyment in someone's life. Good luck in 2002!

 · Role Playing Game of the Year
 · RPG of the Year: PlayStation

 · RPG of the Year: PlayStation 2

 · RPG of the Year: Game Boy Color/Advance

 · Best Graphics

 · Best Story

 · Most Fun to Play

 · Biggest Letdown

 · RPG of the Year: PC

 · RPG of the Year: Dreamcast

 · Best Battle System

 · Best Music

 · Best Game Play

 · Best Localization

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