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Both our readers and the RPGamer staff chose Final Fantasy X as having the best story in an RPG for 2001. This choice was not made on a whim; Square really put their all into the production of this story. With lovable characters, a great setting, and a fresh departure from Final Fantasy norm, Final Fantasy X's plot excels above all other RPGs released last year.

The characters spice up the story line. While the plot is great on its own, each character lends a great deal of depth to it. The player can easily connect with the game's characters; Tidus, the confused teenager struggling with a deep grudge against his father; Yuna, the concerned woman learning how to rely on others; Wakka, the religious man questioning his faith; and Seymour, the multi-racial youth seeking power. There's a personality for everyone to relate to.

The game took the series in a slightly different direction and created a new approach to plot line this time around. While similar on the surface with its save-the-world theme, it presents many new elements. For the first time, religious validity, father-son relationships, and interracial relationships are discussed in detail. The game has set the standard for more unique stories in future RPGs.

While Final Fantasy X was the clear-cut winner of this category, Final Fantasy Chronicles and Dragon Warrior VII both came in as runner-ups among the staff and readers. Dragon Warrior VII, anticipated by millions for over four years, was finally released locally in 2001. While not as serious as other RPGs' stories, this game's plot was fun and unique. The characters add to this theme by lending comical, tragic, and evil personalities. The combination of these elements and the non-linear environment create a great RPG experience for plot lovers and freedom seekers alike.

Final Fantasy Chronicles also received a seat among RPGamers' favorite plot award. The game includes two of the most cherished RPGs in existence, so it's no wonder that the game placed where it did. Final Fantasy IV has one of the most deeply fantasy-oriented plots in the series. Combine that with the game's well developed characters and you're in for a treat. Chrono Trigger presents never before seen complexity with its time travel theme. From the past to the far future, the beloved heroes of the game seek to change the fate of humanity. Both games are still, and always will be, worthy of praise in their story line departments.

We've had quite a year full of RPGs, and deciding on our favorite stories has been tough, but the choices we made were not without thought, and these games deserve their accolades.

Best Story
Final Fantasy X Reader
Final Fantasy X
Staff Runner-Ups
Dragon Warrior VII Final Fantasy Chronicles Reader Runner-Ups
Final Fantasy Chronicles Dragon Warrior VII

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