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Every time a Final Fantasy is due to come out, it is hyped endlessly. Sometimes people feel that they don't live up to that height, stating that the gameplay isn't as good as it should be. Final Fantasy X has proven the doubters wrong. With the different leveling system and engrossing minigames, it has great gameplay in spades. And that is why it was voted number one in gameplay by staff and readers alike.

The Tales games are known for their good gameplay and interesting stories, Tales of Destiny II is no exception to that. It has multiple difficulty levels, just in case you think the game is too easy, just play through it agian on hard. That is why the staff voted it as second best.

Chrono Trigger is easily one of Square's most beloved games, for its story and for its gameplay. So it is no surprise that when Square released Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV together as Final Fantasy Chronicles that it would show up on the reader's list for best gameplay. It places Second

Though it had been a long time since we had gotten one, Enix proved with Dragon Warrior VII that it was worth the wait. With it's huge job system and interesting puzzles it is easliy obvious why both the reader s and staffers put it in their top three.

This year the best gameplay category was dominated by Square and Enix games, with a small showing from Namco. Who is to say what next year may hold, maybe we will all be praising Final Fantasy XI as a great effort in online gaming or maybe we will be saying Xenosaga is the best ever. Only time will tell

Best Gameplay
Final Fantasy X Reader
Final Fantasy X
Staff Runner-Ups
Tales of Destiny II Dragon Warrior VII Reader Runner-Ups
Final Fantasy Chronicles Dragon Warrior VII

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