RPG of the Year: Dreamcast

Killed before its time, the Sega Dreamcast had a very meager showing RPG-wise in 2001. Of the 3 games actually released in North America, 2 have received little notice and the other is merely a newer version, with some added quests and tidbits, of an older Dreamcast title. That being true doesn't make them bad games, and in fact, they all have very good merit.

The entirety of RPGamer, both the staff and the viewers, reached the same conclusions this year. Taking away the gold this year is Sega's own Phantasy Star Online. With the expansive online network of gamers ready to tackle quest after quest of version 1 of the game, Sega made the prudent decision to whip up an enhanced remake to keep them happy and loving their defunct console. At a time of newer platforms, Phantasy Star Online displays the fullest powers of the Dreamcast with it's stunning graphics, immersive player-to-player interaction, and wonderfully fun battle system. To say that the games' future appearances on other consoles is a marker of its success, is an understatement. Running only slightly behind was the anime-based RPG Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice. Although spectacular in its own right as a phenomenal action RPG, it also found a home in the fans of an elegant story well told. Finally, lagging into third place is Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern. With a wonderful story following the Anne McCaffrey novels, an intriguing 3rd person vantage point, and a penchant for extravagant special effects, its place on the podium for 2001 was guaranteed.

Though we don't rush to open the door for the Dreamcast to fade away into the distance, Sega's announcement of becoming a 3rd party software developer only makes us realize how much the gaming industry can change in a single year. Farewell, Dreamcast! The memories of your time with us will be cherished; always.

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