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Comprising of games from nearly all of this year's eligible systems, the Most Fun to Play award was one of the most hotly contested honours this year. Amazingly, despite hardware diffrences, both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 managed to make strong showings, but none of them came close to toppling the insurmontable lead that Final Fantasy X took early on in the contest.

With a revamped battle systems; enough mini games that could comprise a release all on their own; and graphics beautiful enough to inspire Salvador Dali, Final Fantasy X ranked 'Godlike' on everyone's fun-o-meters. Although it was released just in time for Christmas, it managed to make such a mark that the votes for the other games didn't even come close to matching it.

That's not to say that the other systems didn't have their own surprises. Fan favorite Final Fantasy Chronicles was supported by a strong influx of our readers, and the RPGamer staff gave their support to the latest games in the Zelda series: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Even more surpising was the Game Boy Advance's Hot RPG title Golden Sun which landed a solid 3rd place among our readers, and the N64's RPG swan song Paper Mario landing the 3rd spot among the staff.

This year just goes to show you that a game doesn't need to be out for a long time for people to appreciate its greatness. With only about 2 weeks until the end of the year, Final Fantasy X managed to storm its way into everyone's hearts. What will next year bring? No one can tell for sure, but whatever the future holds we can all be sure that it will be a great year for RPGamers!

Most Fun to Play
Final Fantasy X Reader
Final Fantasy X
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Zelda: Oracle Paper Mario Reader Runner-Ups
Final Fantasy Chronicles Golden Sun

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