RPG of the Year: PlayStation

Although the original PlayStation is finally wrapping up its long life-span, 2001 presented the RPGamers of the world with a wonderful final bout. With no-holds-barred, RPGamer proudly presents the award for PSX RPG of the Year to...

... Squaresoft's Final Fantasy Chronicles, as it was selected by the readers this year. And, although the RPGamer staff thought considerably less of the title than its loyal viewers, it is nonetheless a game with many great aspects. With the epic score of not just one, but two classics, the victory over the competition began to mount. When you combine the soundtrack with the amount of nostalgia for each game, its wonderful FMV sequences, the repaired English translations, and the chance for newer gamers to experience the legends of the past, there was nary a choice to be made as to the victor here. Also earning the deep affection of the viewers were Dragon Warrior VII - a game long delayed for a U.S. appearance because of the loving care Enix took with the localization and the unsure RPG market - and Tales of Destiny II - with its wonderful scenery, stellar battle engine, and refined animation quality.

... And Enix's Dragon Warrior VII on behalf of the staff. The long awaited chapter to a saga not seen outside Japan in nearly a decade, doesn't pass the 'old school' RPGamer without notice. With graphics vastly enhanced from our last experience with the series, to a wonderful soundtrack, and a tested but wonderfully true battle system, Dragon Warrior VII struck a familiar and long forgotten cord with her players. While in complete agreement with the readers about Tales of Destiny II, Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth - the latest TRPG from Atlus, with a battle system to die for - pushes their choice of Final Fantasy Chronicles out of the running.

It's hard to believe that the 32-Bit era is coming to an end, but with the advent of a new gaming generation comes the promise of a brighter future for everyone. Long live the RPGs of 2001, and may 2002 be so grand!

Disclaimer: RPGamer would like to remind all our readers that three members of our staff did have a part with the localization of Dragon Warrior VII. While we feel we're impartial in our awards, we feel you should be in the know.

RPG of the Year: PSX
Dragon Warrior VII Reader
Final Fantasy Chronicles
Staff Runner-Ups
Tales of Destiny II Hoshigami Reader Runner-Ups
Dragon Warrior VII Tales of Destiny II

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