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Final Fantasy X rated quite favorably among staff and readers in the battle system category. With its innovative Sphere Grid system and departure from the standard ATB system, RPGamers experienced a whole new take on Final Fantasy norm. Aside from its advancement in innovation, the game improved series standards; summons are now far more interactive and useful then they have ever been in battle. Innovation is always the way to go, as Square has proved with its masterpiece.

Tales of Destiny II also came out as a hit in this category. The game is a traditional RPG on the surface, but comes out as much more when played out. The game features fast, timed battles that require quick reflexes and lightning fast decision making skills. Players utilize a number of combos and abilities that are unique and varied for each individual character. Tales of Destiny II has proven a lot to the RPG market in the way of innovation.

Final Fantasy Chronicles came in as a reader favorite this year, and the choice was well made. Containing two of the most cherished RPGs in history, Final Fantasy Chronicles revived Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger's battle systems. Final Fantasy IV will always be remembered for its invention of the ATB system; the active, quick thinking system that created a new challenge for seasoned turn-based RPGamers. Chrono Trigger also utilized the ATB system, but added a number of enjoyable twists to it, such as combo attacks.

Hoshigami rated high for the staff. The game was one of the few strategy RPGs released this year and came as a welcome addition for lovers of the genre. It was in development for years, and its battle system attests to that fact. The game features combination attacks, critical attack gauges, and the unique Ready Action Points strategy system. The game is a worthy candidate in this category.

Battle systems may be the most important part of an RPG; they can make or break a game. All of this year's winners have proven successful and have made for an enjoyable experience.

Best Battle System
Tales of Destiny II Reader
Final Fantasy X
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Final Fantasy Chronicles Tales of Destiny II

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