RPG of the Year: PC

RPGamer's PC RPG of the Year award goes to Anachronox this year, a very solid and successful attempt to emulate the console RPG style on the PC. Anachronox is the story of Sam Boots and a fellow group of misfits attempting to save the universe from a threat no one's quite worked out yet.

Combining traditional console RPG elements with a point-click interface and utilising a gameplay and graphics engine that had been around for a couple of years, Anachronox was able to keep its stability while also allowing PC users to notch the graphics up to resolutions consoles wouldn't allow.

For those PC users who're tired of the online gaming experience and want a story-driven RPG, look no further. Console style battles, plenty of minigames and bonuses and a good dollop of quirky humor, all from the comfort of your monitor.

The reader's choices go to the online RPGs out there. Bringing people together and letting them beat each other up with swords (or beating nasty monsters up with swords) has never been easier thanks to the accessibility of the internet. In addition, the facelift that so many online RPGs have been getting recently has both revitalised fans and drawn new people to the games.

In the midst of this are the reader's choices, Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot. Everquest is one of the longer running MMORPGs in existance, with one of the largest fanbases around. In the midst of this, Sony's decision to release the whole trilogy was a masterstroke, allowing those who'd entered the game late to easily get the sections they were missing.

On the other end of the scale, Dark Ages of Camelot has practically taken the online world by storm, becoming a bestseller in one week and breaking records for playerbase growth left, right and centre.

RPG of the Year: PC
Everquest Trilogy
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