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RPGamer Best of 2008 Editors' Choice Awards!

Welcome to RPGamer's Best of 2008 Editors' Choice Awards. 2008 was a very interesting year. The year contained a decent balance of remakes/ports, sequels, and original RPGs. Square Enix brought back some of their classic titles, Mistwalker released a couple new games, Atlus flooded the market, and other publishers helped to make this one of the busiest years for RPGs to date. The Xbox 360 continued to be a strong RPG force, but the Wii and PlayStation 3 had more to offer in terms of competition this time around. The DS stomped all over every system out in terms of number of releases, but that's not to say that it had the best. The PSP had a smaller, but strong showing, too. All in all, this year was full of surprises and RPGs, so join us as we look back on the Best (and Worst) of 2008.

by Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham

Editors' Choices

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» Best Story
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» Best Music
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