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RPGamer Best of 2014 Editors' Choice Awards!

As usual, we here at RPGamer have taken our time and crunched the numbers before deciding on our Games of the Year. Now that we've thoroughly explored all the contenders, we're ready to present them to you. It seems like over the past few years the diversity in RPGs has grown more and more. As such, our picks for 2014 are every bit as varied as last year. Some games shined in one area and lacked in others, but that doesn't mean we still didnít love them. When all is said and done, RPGamer's Games of the Year might not be a 100% consensus but they are the titles that truly stood out for the year. Please enjoy the most thorough RPG awards out there.

Editors' Choices

» Best Console RPG
» Best PC RPG
» Best 3DS RPG
» Best PlayStation 3 RPG
» Best Vita RPG
» Best Battle System
» Best Story
» Best Music
» Best Graphics
» Best Dialogue
» Most Original
» Most Overlooked
» Biggest Surprise
» Biggest Letdown
» Worst RPG
» Best Multiplayer
» Best Re-Release
» Best DLC
» Most Played
» Most Completed
» Best Non-RPG
» RPG of the Year

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