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RPGamer Best of 2012 Editors' Choice Awards!

Yes, we know it's already well into 2013, but here at RPGamer we like to take our time and let the prior year digest before proclaiming the best games of the year. And we've done just that. As usual, the results are quite varied, with no one game plowing through every award. There was a good bit of diversity this year, and quite a few surprises. We even added a couple of new categories to share about those surprises and our own guilty pleasures.

All in all, 2012 was a fantastic year for RPGs, though they weren't always the ones you'd expect. Our staff is a diverse group, so these awards have representation from almost every angle. In a year of fantastic ports, games thought trapped forever in Japan, unlikely crossovers, and outstanding sequels, it was going to be difficult to narrow down the best, but we've done it. After much deliberation and debate, we present to you the best RPGs of 2012.

Editors' Choices

» Console
» PC
» Handheld
» Remake
» Best Battle System
» Best Story
» Most Original
» Best Music
» Best Graphics
» Most Overlooked
» Guilty Pleasure
» Biggest Surprise
» Biggest Letdown
» Worst RPG of the Year
» Most Completed
» Most Played
» Best Non-RPG
» Most Wanted
» RPG of the Year

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