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RPGamer Best of 2015 Editors' Choice Awards!

The staff surveys went out, the numbers came in, and the results for 2015's top RPGs are here. This marks the eighth year we've number-crunched this feature with the current formulae, and the results? Some years are excellent. Some years are great. Some years are just good. And then there was this year, which saw the fewest high-scoring games in the staff averages in eight years. Fortunately, three RPGs rose above the others to earn the highest honors as true consensus picks, and five system exclusives scored well enough to deserve praise, including a divisive game or two. As usual, the best visuals, musical scores, and storytelling were close to unanimous, and maybe a major release that was left out can win a miscellanous award. These are the RPGs that stood out to us in the year of the 3/5, and we proudly present to you the most complete RPG awards out there.

Editors' Choices

» Best PlayStation 4 RPG
» Best PlayStation 3 RPG
» Best 3DS RPG
» Best Wii U RPG
» Best PC RPG
» Best Battle System
» Best Story
» Most Original
» Best Music
» Best Graphics
» Most Overlooked
» Biggest Letdown
» Worst RPG
» Best Multiplayer
» Best DLC
» Best Non-RPG
» Best Re-Release
» Most Completed
» Most Played
» RPG of the Year

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