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PSAs February 7, 2005

Secret of Mana - Close Your Eyelids
Artist's Comments:Here is another remix i made of Angel's Fear with the Sleeping theme from Secret of Mana using Fruity Loops. Hope you enjoy!
mp3 General Submission rock
Master Hatchet
7th Saga - Illicit Encounter
Artist's Comments:"Illicit Encounter" from 7th Saga on the Snes. It's a metal (kinda Iron Maiden)Ê arrangement of the 2nd battle theme with a 'cameo' by the Boss Battle.ÊLive guitars, sequenced drums/synths. It got 6th place for the Dec/Jan Dwelling of Duels comepetition. The Theme for the month was RPG month, so do yourselves a favor and check out all the great stuff on the DoD website.
mp3 General Submission metal
Final Fantasy Series
HotChoco - MP3 or MIDI
HotChocobo - MP3 or MIDI
Artist's Comments:Here is HotChocobo and HotChoco. Choco is shorter than the Chocobo, both in letter count and song length, and the both come in two flavors Mp3, and Midi. I've been mulling over the standard ringtones that every RPGamer had, and what cellphone would be complete without the Chocobo theme. I'm working on a few more for y'all. Talk up the ringtones in the forum and let me know what you think!
mp3 Staff Ringtone Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Nothing is more infuriating than coming home from a long day of school and work only to find that I have no internet access. After about 10 minutes of troubleshooting, I called it quits and passed out. So, I apologize for the lateness of the update, and to make up for it, the update is large in quality and quantity.

To start off today, we have two remix submissions and a bushel of ringtone submissions. First up we have AfxNIN, who steps up to bat after just debuting two weeks ago with remix of the often covered "Angel's Fear," from Secret of Mana. An excellent second piece, I am really exciting to see what AfxNIN will come up with next. Following that, we have Justin Quesenberry, aka. Master Hatchet, with a 7th Saga remix, "Illicit Encounters." As one of, I thought, the only people to have ever played 7th Saga, I was absolutely thrilled to hear a remix from this game. Exceptionally well done and deserving of it's strong placement in the DoD competition (which is always some of the toughest competition). Rounding out this week's update we have Barieuph sending out a bushel of ringtones. The chocobo theme, done at two diffent lengths, both in midi and mp3 format, are ready for your phone right now.

Now, for the Public Service Announcements of the week. First off, a fellow staff member, one Mr. Tyler Willis pointed out some very good reading on ringtones. These articles are from the Wired website and can be found here and here.

Now, let me proudly introduce the newest member of the Sound Test Crew, Elliot "Carlisle" Guisinger. You may remember him from such RPGamer sections as "news" and "Currents", but now he is here with a whole new attitude. Something like that. But rather than ramble on, I'll let Elliot introduce himself.


Hello there, loyal Sound Test patrons. I'm Carlisle and I'll be your friendly neighborhood Soundtrack Reviewer from now until the end of time. And that's right, you guessed it, this means that Sound Test is bringing back its own review section after many long moons without it. As for myself, hopefully I should need no introduction, at least for those familiar with the news section of the site -- specifically, the awesometastic Currents column that I ran up until now (not to mention the few submissions I've made over the months to Sound Test). I know, I said that I was leaving the site, but Matt here offered me unlimited access to the company car, some great stock options, and an expense account. How could I refuse? In any event, I'm still here and ready to put all your favorite video game soundtracks to the test -- among other things here and there. Well, I've done what I usually do and rambled on for long enough -- I'll hand the mic back over to Matt before I upstage him.


No need to worry for upstaging me, but I appreciate the concern. Before I bow out for the day, I will pass the baton again, this time to our resident composer Barieuph who will give a reminder and some more info about tonight's "Sound Seminar."


Hi everybody, this Wednesday marks Sound Test's first "Sound Seminar." Here's a rundown of how things are going to work. We'll start by presenting works-in-progress to anyone in #operahouse. Anyone is welcome to act as a listener, and can provide feedback. We'll also talk about what makes a good remix, and general audio information towards the end of the seminar along with any other questions. Those that are interested in displaying works-in-progress that do not have webspace can contact me at, with the subject mentioning something about Sound Seminar, and I will temporarily host your file. Come on by and listen!

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