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Sell your Cell January 24, 2005

Chrono Cross - Fragments of Dreams
Artist's Comments:Long time viewer, first time submitting. :p Anyway i made a simple mix of "Fragments of Dreams" using FL.
mp3 General Submission rock
Final Fantasy VII - You Hear the Cry ~ A Cappella
Artist's Comments:This was an experiment by me to see if I could create a replica of the original track from FF7 using only my voice.  It required a lot of listening, recording, editting, and plenty of retakes, but I was able to get something that sounded close to the original yet was different.
mp3 General Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Boy, teachers this semester are so fussy about cell phones. My psychology class must have received a 10 minute lecture on how horrible they are, and how disrespectful it is if they go off in class. I mean come on now, that's just absurd. When he comes out with a line like, "You don't need to have them. We got along just fine without them in the past..." I just wanted to raise my hand and point out that society was just fine before psychologists came along, so why do we even bother with the class? However, better judgment took hold of me and I bit my tongue.

Unlike most of my stories, this one does go somewhere. But before I go any further, I direct you to the posted submissions this week. First off we have first time AfxNIN, submitting a basic remix done with Fruity Loops. A very nice first attempt, and I hope to hear more in the near future, both from AfxNIN and others who have been thinking about taking a shot at mixing. Then we have Dragon Avenger, with a fourth submission in under 2 months. This piece is an interesting rendition of "Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet" as it is done completely a cappella. The vocal work is very well done, as is the editing to piece the overdubs together.

Before I leave you for today, let me relate to my original story . To celebrate the horrid technology known as cell phones, Sound Test is proud to announce a new submission format: Ringtones. Oh yes, we went there. For the time being, we will be accepting MIDI and mp3 files, up to 20 seconds in length. I recommend using heavy compression for mp3's and maximum amplitude for MIDI, as dynamics are overshadowed by the necessity that the tune be loud enough to get the owner's attention. Also, the tunes should loop as seamlessly as possible, especially if they are on the shorter side. Aside from that, there isn't much left to say other than to just give it a try.

So I'm hoping to have lots of submissions next week, both standard remix and ringtone. But for now, enjoy this week's music and stay tuned for more tunes.

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