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Sound Test Guidelines Updated: 4.2.07

The following is a list of guidelines concerning submissions to Sound Test at RPGamer, as well as other information about Sound Test. Immediately below is a guide to specific sections of this page.

I. Music and Music Content Submission Guidelines
II. Soundtrack Review Guidelines
III. General Sound Test Information
IV. Content Usage

I. Music and Music Content Submission Guidelines

  • RPGamer will accept music related files that are within the scope of RPGamer coverage. For submission of music or related files of other games, please send the curator an email with your inquiry. Any file not related to the music of role-playing games will be ignored.
  • Acceptable file formats for submission:
    • Music: .mid  .xm  .it  .s3m  .au  .mp3  (.zip)
    • Text-based: .html, .txt, .zip
  • Information required for each submission:
    • Name and/or internet handle
    • Email address and/or website URL
    • Title of work and name of the game from which it comes
    • A description of submitted work and/or other information concerning the work
    • The following tagline in the subject of email submissions: [Submission]
    • (for sheet music and tabs) Contact and credit information within the submitted files
  • File Attachments: Files sent through email should be smaller than eight megabytes (8 MB). If not, you must first receive permission to send larger files.
  • File Linking: You may also choose to include in the email a link to a site that the work is already being hosted at and the Sound Test Curator will retrieve it from their. In this case, as long as the Curator can download the piece from the site, the submission is acceptable.
  • Credit: Posted submissions will receive full credit in the fasion of a name or handle and email address on the Sound Test update page on which the submission appears and/or the submission's respective game page.

II. Soundtrack Review Guidelines

  • All patrons of RPGamer may submit a review for any soundtrack that falls within RPGamer's scope of coverage. As with music submissions, please inquire first concerning games not covered by RPGamer. These inquiries should be directed to the curator.
  • The review should follow the template, which can be found here.
  • The soundtrack must be listened to thoroughly, in its entirety. The soundtrack must be listened to legally. Either by purchased OST or while playing game, though game play should ideally be mainly for the intents and purposes of listening to the music, and not necessarily for completion -- to ensure that all music is given sufficient attention prior to writing a review.
  • Reviewers should keep in mind that while reviewing a Soundtrack the review is based on the music as it stands alone, not as the accompaniment for the video game.
  • Reviews of arrange albums that arrange the soundtrack of a game covered by RPGamer are acceptable.
  • The soundtrack should recieve a score in the following catagories; Musicianship, Sound Quality, Production Value, and Overall. These catagories will be scored on a scale of 0-5, in increments of 1. The Overall category will be scored in increments of .5.
  • Materials such as cover scans or any other supplemental media may be submitted with reviews or by themselves in either .gif or .jpg format; credit must be given to the source of said supplemental media.
  • Submitted reviews will be published at the discretion of the curator or interim curator.

III. General Sound Test Information

  • Competitions: From time to time competitions will be held by either other sites or RPGamer. Format for each will be dictated within that specific competition's guidlines and will have its own given rules. Depending on the conditions of competitions, winners will be decided by the curator, a panel of judges chosen by the curator, or the sponsor of the competition.
  • At present, Sound Test no longer maintains its 'Featured Musicians' section.

IV. Content Usage

  • All submitted materials hosted by RPGamer are the sole property of the individual contributors of each work. Use of materials without explicit permission from contributors is strictly prohibited.

Any and all inquiries concerning Sound Test, pertaining to that which does not appear on this page, may be directed to the curator.

This page is maintained by Matthew 'barieuph' Russo, the current Sound Test curator.

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